Why Use the Everlasting Comfort Screen Door: 10 Benefits You Should Know

If the bugs are starting to swarm in your neighborhood, but you’re still longing to let the fresh air in – there’s a solution on the market that can quickly give you fresh air without the unwanted pests. Summer is in full swing and you deserve to enjoy the outdoors comfortably. Here are 10 reasons why you must think about purchasing a magnetic screen door:

Installs in an Instant 

The Everlasting Comfort Screen Door comes with all the tools required for installation making it quick and easy. The product comes with thumbtacks, hook & loop materials, as well as a link to an informative video tutorial to help make the installation process stress-free. Unlike other screens that come with only 18 magnets or less, this amazon magnetic screen door includes 26 strong and powerful magnets that offer you an unparalleled seal and closure.

Fits Many Doorways

The Everlasting Comfort Magnetic Comfort Screen Door works on a variety of entryways including fixed, sliding, metal, wood, single doors, patio doors, sliding doors, and even RV doors. Just ensure that the doorway measures 38×82 inches before ordering the screen. If you avoid measuring, you might find that it doesn’t fit. 

Opens and Closes Like Magic 

The great thing about magnetic screen doors is that they’re simple to put onto door frames. Many on the market feature a middle seam that makes walking from any doorway a breeze. Magnetic screen doors also close automatically behind you which is perfect for when your hands are full with groceries or a tray full of food fresh off the grill.

Durable & Heavy Duty Home Addition

Before investing in a magnetic screen door, you should look for a product that has mesh made with  high quality polyester. It should also have reinforced edges so that it is tough enough and able to withstand consistent utilization by you, your pets, your family or friends and the elements. 

Keeps Unwanted Nature Out 

When the weather is ideal and you want to enjoy the day, a magnetic mesh doorway is a great way to let fresh air into your home while keeping at bay the pesky outdoor irritants like bugs, insects and reptiles. The fine mesh used for this product won’t block the amazing views from your door, helping you to enjoy your surroundings without the pesky pests sneaking into your home.

Easy No Hands Entry 

The biggest hassle is having your hands full and trying to go in or out of the house. But thanks to screen doors with magnets, you can simply walk through doorways with little effort. The best part perhaps? No hands are needed to pass through! 

Kid Friendly

Reaching to door handles or tedious door locks is a problem for kids. Mesh doors with magnetic closures allow easy going in and out for the kids. But remember, it’s crucial to always keep an eye on kids who are playing outside. Be sure to set boundaries with young kids and ensure they understand the dangers of strangers. For older kids who have more freedom, remind them about how to be safe before they head out for a day of adventure with their friends. 

Perfect for Your Furry Friends

If your family members have just brought home and are worried about their potty training, then the magnetic screen door is the most beneficial tool. It is a well known fact that dogs love to make their parents (owners) happy. So, give them the same love and install a magnetic screen door for them to access the outdoors easily. This way they can easily go outside the house given they have easy access and all the accidents that keep happening in the house will soon be history. A magnetic screen door eliminates the need for you to open the door for your pet everytime they want to go out. Allowing the fur babies to walk in and out whenever they want is a thing they admire the most and which makes them happy. Whether a dog or a cat, you must always supervise them when they are outdoors as they could easily get in trouble with large birds or mammals. 

Use Year Round

No matter the time of year or weather, you can keep the mesh screen door on the doorways 365 days a year. The magnets on the door are durable and are capable of bearing heavy use and the door was designed with the outdoor elements in mind. Designers have constructed the screen door using more durable equipment and techniques than other cheap alternative screens that will help the product survive the test of time.

Given 4+ star rating with 55K+ reviews

Magnetic Screen Door from Everlasting Comfort has customer ratings so well and it shows the steps for easy installation, offers amazing adhesion properties, superb quality, and has a  long lasting nature. Other screens in the market come with 18 magnets, more or less, whereas this screen door has 26 strong and sturdy magnets offering best seal as well as closure. Amazon has also ranked it #10 in Tools and Home Improvement. 

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