September 26, 2022


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The Pros and Cons of All-inclusive Vacation Packages

An All-Inclusive vacation package is what all resorts and hotels would encourage their clients to take. Well, who wouldn’t like to be picked from the airport by a sleek car with a professional chauffeur? 

Or enjoy a soothing body massage, excellent manicure, and pedicure, just within the premises of your hotel, instead of hunting for a spa around. Most all-inclusive resorts in the USA offer such services to their clients.

When searching for such resorts, ensure you double-check on what is covered in the deal you want. Especially if you are using an online travel agent or agency. Most internet travel agents’ complaints have been in this area. People often pay for a package and don’t usually get what they thought was included. Taking or not taking an all-inclusive package has its uses and problems. Let’s look at them:

Pros And Cons Of All-Inclusive Packages

  • Pros

1. They Are Cheap

Just like when things are bought in mass quantities, all-inclusive packages are quite cheap. From the food to tours and entertainment, everything is at a low price. Families tend to benefit from such packages as children are either charged free or at a lower price than adults.

2. Helps You Not To Overspend

Since you have paid for everything you will need for the trip and stay, you won’t have to pay for anything else. Unless you decide to something extra for yourself or the family. 

3. Helps You To Relax Well

You feel like a CEO whose business is being run by competent hands. You only need to relax and enjoy your money. Or your money’s worth. You don’t have to worry about bookings, appointments, food, or anything else.

4. You Eat Whatever You Want.

 Well, depending on if your package covers a 3 square meal plan. But most all-inclusive packages have you eat whenever you want to. Great for families with growing children.

5. You Can Explore The Environment

With your package plan, you are free to go on tours and adventures around the environment. Guided by locals or tour guides, you are in good hands.

  • CONS

1. Not Everything Is Inclusive

Just because it says so doesn’t always mean it is so. On arrival, you can discover some things that weren’t covered in the package. Like Wi-Fi, use of the pool and even eating at the restaurant. Just be prepared even with a thorough check.

2. Uncovered Trip/Entertainment Expenses

You could discover that the tour package doesn’t go beyond a point and you would be charged extra. Or have to find your way to reach other interesting attractions nearby. 

3. You Only Eat What They Give You

Since all your meals are prepared in-house, you won’t have the opportunity of discovering the rich cuisine of the place. You could tire of eating the same food and yearn for something new. This means you have to go food hunting on your own which will cost you more money.

4. Danger Of Being A Tourist

On your hunt for something new, you could fall into some dangers common to tourists. Such as getting mugged, or robbed. The best thing is to get a guide which of course translates to more money coming out of your pockets.

When choosing or not choosing an all-inclusive package, you should look at the pros and cons of it all. Decide on the type of vacation you want and if you are going alone or as a family? Know also, the details about each package. Know where each service starts and where it stops. This should help you to decide well.