The Best available website builders

Website builders refer to online tools used to build a website in an easy, quick, and hassle-free way. They provide a cost-effective option as compared to hiring a web developer. The most beneficial aspect is that you don’t need to have a background in coding. While website builders have been in existence for some period, today, technological advancements have come with a new generation of website builders that can exploit mobile platforms and responsive technologies. These website builders have made it possible to build anything for your business or clients, from just a single-page site to a professionally designed online shopping store. All that one needs is to find the website builders that are best suited for the task. Telecom companies reviews can help you find companies offering tools that can be handy. You can also use online review sites such as the UK collected reviews to look for great tools. This article has composed some of the best website builder options available.

  1. Mobirise Website Builder

This is an offline website builder that does not need any coding experience. It’s available for free both for commercial and personal use. The Mobirise Website Builder is not tied to any site, making it possible for a person to own their site and host the site anywhere they like. It is based on the latest Google AMP versions. Websites created using this tool are mobile-friendly and fast responsive. A Mobirise Website Builder package includes;

  • A library containing over 7,000 icons, more than 500,000 free images and, over 800 fonts from Google.
  • More than 1,000 beautiful and stylish website templates and blocks comprising of 1,200 premium themes and 300 free themes.
  1. Wix
    This is an exceptionally friendly website builder for beginners. It offers full control over the site you are building. As opposed to other builders, Wix doesn’t sacrifice customizability or power for ease of use. Instead, while it has a simple drag and drop capability, it combines this with a wide variety of features. It offers several plans to choose from. From a free plan to various eight premium plans starting at about $14 a month. It also provides a wide variety of more than 500 templates to select from. However, be careful when choosing as once you’ve selected a template, you cannot revert.
  1. Squarespace
    Squarespace is a professional website builder famous for its ease of use and great designs. It comes with the ability to host a site using its enterprise-grade infrastructure. It is a robust and secure platform. It provides multiple website designs that can suit any content that a user may need. Squarespace web designs are editable and permit the use of many templates for the same websites. It allows easy addition of content, which only requires one to point anyplace on the website and start typing.

On the other hand, creating layouts only requires one to drag and drop items on pages and can be achieved in minutes. For those in need of online shopping sites, Squarespace has an eCommerce plan that enables one to have an online store on their website. It also provides an interface that one can manage inventory, products, coupon discounts, and orders. One drawback you can find with Squarespace is that it offers limited integrations when it comes to third-party services; this can be an obstacle to business growth. Squarespace’s e-commerce plan only allows payment processing from Apple pay, stripe, and PayPal. It charges starts at $12 monthly, with the online store plan beginning at $16. Squarespace website builder is designed beautifully and is suitable for anyone who wants to build their website quickly.

  1. WP Page Builder

WP Page Builder is a website builder with an attractive UI and art web design features, offering an excellent page-building experience. It doesn’t require a person with any designing, developer, or coding skills; instead, everything on the site is just drag and drop. It is a website building tool that is highly flexible and is 100% mobile ready and responsive.

  1. SITE123
    SITE123 is a beginner-friendly easy to use website builder. It best suits persons without any experience in tech. It has a straightforward design and live chat support making it very simple to publish a website with it. Its ready to help support is its main advantage. With SITE123, if by any chance you get stuck in the process of creating a website, you can always contact the support via the live chat feature. While it is the best site for beginners to set-up their site, it is essential to know that it lacks advanced features that might offer scaling problems for a growing website. First-time builders will, however, find it a perfect choice.

In conclusion, if you need to create a site for your business but have no design or developer skills, you need not worry as with this article, you have the best website builders available.