Self Discovery – Finding Your True Self Through Journaling

A lot of people often say that life is one long journey that every one of us must take. Whatever choices we make and whatever path we take are just, but a part of the beauty and mystery that our existence has. However, for one to know the actual purpose of his existence, self discovery is an important process that he should undergo.

Many individuals often experience a stage in their life where they feel lost, confused, and with no idea about why and how they have come to such a point. These times, are those that one feels extremely left out and at a loss of what he should do next and where he should go next.

Though these may be challenging times, indeed, the only way that one can overcome such a hurdle is to look into their inner being and find the answers through reflection. There have been many instances when the main reason that a person is stuck in a particular place is because he failed to see.

Thus, many people have always found it effective when they travel down memory lane and determine what they have done thus far and what are the best steps that they could take to tackle the next hurdle. Oftentimes, by looking back and reflecting on the things that have occurred you will be able to find the enlightenment that you need to trod on.

Most people were able to make a self discovery by connecting the dots in their existence. One will never really realize the purpose of everything that has happened unless he takes the time to stop in his tracks for a bit, look back, and see why those events came to pass and for what reasons they have to happen.

Though most people may be lucky enough to remember all the necessary details pertaining to how they have lived their lives all these times, some individuals may find this a challenge, especially if they are among those people who have chosen to bury certain unwanted remnants of their past into the back of their memories.

This is why, it is always encouraged that people will keep note of the things that they have experienced and they would want to experience. Writing them down in a journal or a personal diary is always a good idea so that when the time comes for you to seek answers, all you need to do is open the pages of this written account of your personal life and find the answers that you have been looking for.

Although it is true that self discovery may be a unique process that each of us may have to experience, what really counts most is that in the end, we were able to not only find who we really are, but the purpose of our existence and how we can make this existence a worthy testament for others to be inspired by.

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