September 26, 2022


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Savvy Tips to Consider Before Planning

Suppose you’re looking to celebrate Canada Day like a local, head to the Great White North to experience unprecedented nature, or be ready to dive into some of the best cities around. I know of a spot! You can also make it budget-friendly by looking for cheap air travel options online and then searching for the best packages to make your stay seamless and enthralling.

No matter what you do, Canada has got it all!

As such, the country is enormous. It has 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the world’s most extended ski season. As the atmosphere appears to run on the colder side, locals invented the poutine’s tasty and seriously heart-warming comfort food. Yeah, and it also happens to be the birthplace of some of the planet’s friendliest people.

Canada is pretty darn cool, eh?

But there is so much more to learn, so here are my top tips for your first Canadian adventure!


Canada is a vast nation with a greatly varying landscape from coast to coast. Make sure you prep for the right time, depending on which part of the world you’re visiting.

If you’re hopping around the world, even in the summer, carry lots of layers!

When you intend to travel across Canada, make sure you check the weather before setting out. Check also for road delays.

Peak Season

Summer is the busiest time of the year, and Canadians like to make the most warmer months.

However, I like to visit during the spring and fall (September-November) to avoid the crowds and the higher flight prices. You can enjoy the last red leaves that are legendary for Canada but skip the crowds and the cold. Gain-win!

Another critical time to visit? For the Calgary Stampede at the beginning of July. What’s the Calgary Stampede, you ask? Yeah, just the world’s biggest rodeo, and it lasts several days.

If it doesn’t sound like your thing to hang with the cowboys, there are plenty of live music and drinking activities all over the place.


Though most people in Canada speak English, there is also a sizeable French-speaking population of more than 7.2 million people speaking English as their first language. It is one of the official languages and is spoken mainly in Quebec, but in places like New Brunswick Ontario and Manitoba, you can find smaller French-speaking populations.

Canadian Food

Canada is a hot destination for foodies right now, and you have to try out some local staples!

If you enjoy beer, then in British Columbia, you’ll feel right at home with a massive craft beer culture. Not to mention the food truck scene that erupted in the last couple of years. There’s a lot of foreign delicacies in the food trucks and some of the best local food around.

Goodies You Don’t Want to Miss Out On:

  • Poutine: A layered concoction of fries, both cheese curds, and melted cheese, and tons of gravy.
  • BeaverTails: Sweet tooth would love this Canadian fried dough institution filled with everything from M&M to Nutella to cinnamon and sugar straight!
  • Pâté Ch: This is very similar to the Brit’s shepherd’s pie with mincemeat and mashed potatoes and the addition of creamed corn.
  • Caesar Cocktails: Try this vivid cocktail of vodka, clamato, Worcestershire sauce, and hot sauce, like a Canadian. Like a Mary Bloody. But with a twist!


Canada’s park framework is unrivaled, regardless of whether you’re wanting to see turquoise lakes, sandy seashores, lavish timberlands, or jagged coastline you’ll see it in Canada. A portion of the must-visit parks incorporate Banff—the first and most staggering national park in Canada, alongside the Whistler off-road bicycle park, and a visit to Ontario to see the Niagara Falls.

Be Polite

While this may appear to be a conspicuous one, Canadians are known for being too considerate, about which I’m energetic. So become accustomed to hearing and saying ‘sorry’ a great deal and maintain a strategic distance from any ordinarily inconsiderate conduct like cutting the line or being excessively tanked in broad daylight.

Learn the Local Slang

Canadians have some of the Western world’s loveliest and most cute slang terms!

Here are only a few you’ll hear in Canada regularly:

• Loony / Toony: the loony is a $1 coin, and the toonie is a $2 coin.

• Timmies: Tim Hortons is friendly and relaxed; this is short. If you want a double dose of cream and sugar in your coffee, order a “Double Double.”

• Kerfuffle: a dispute or a disagreement — anything less than a fight.

Getting Around

So you won’t need to take a helicopter all over the place

Getting starting with one spot then onto the next in Canada is unquestionably something you need to design ahead of time. It’s not as simple as hopping on the train as you would in Europe. I’d propose simply picking one segment of the nation to visit if you’re lacking in time, or if you’re making it a more extended excursion, lease a vehicle!

Inside the significant urban communities, you’ll find different methods of transportation like a metro framework and transports, you’ll likewise discover cabs and Ubers in the entirety of the major urban regions. Vancouver broadly has the Sky Train just as the standard urban vehicle. You’ll also locate some territorial mentors, such as Greyhound or GO Bus; however, they will only take you up until this point.

Again, renting a car would be your best bet if you want to explore non-urban areas.

Visa + Travel Insurance

A few nationalities require an ETA visa for Canada—it very well may be bought on the web, and it’s entirely modest. It’s right now not required for U.S residents with a legitimate identification yet consistently check for any progressions on their site!

Travel protection is vital for any place you go, particularly if you’re partaking in any winter sports, climbing, or taking an excursion around Canada. No one can tell what will occur, and it’s ideal to be secured if something goes wrong.


On the off chance that you think their bills look similar to Monopoly cash, you’re not the only one.

Each bill is an alternate shading and made of plastic!

Regardless, tipping in Canada despite everything applies, and it’s around 15-20% of the total bill in friendliness, the travel industry, and the administration ventures.


Canada is an astonishing nation to investigate the off chance that you appreciate humming urban areas, flavorful nourishment, and probably the most stunning nature on the planet! Additionally, Canadians typically offer a warm welcome.