Landmarks For Your Reykjavik Holiday Trip

One landmark that you will always be aware of on your city break to Reykjavik is the striking tower of Hallgrimskirkja Church. As one of the tallest buildings you’ll see on your Reykjavik Tour and Travel holiday trip, reaching a height of 73 meters, it is an unmistakable presence. The mostly white church has an unusual design with a skirt that cascades down from the spire merging into the ribbed walls.

This has the effect of making the church resemble a space shuttle about to launch. However, the designer intended to emulate the texture of the basalt lava fields that you can see throughout the country. Whatever you make of it, the views of the city from the top are unrivaled, and you may be lucky enough to catch one of the classical concerts that are occasionally held here. If you like the sound of the Hallgrimskirkja, one of Reykjavik’s hotels called ‘Adam’ is just next door.

Hofdi House

A less assuming building, but just as important, is the Hofdi House. The house is a hundred years old, with white wooden facia, and distinctive gables, a look that strikes a balance between respectability and quaintness. This was the venue for the historic summit of Ronald Regan and Mikhail Gorbachev, wherein 1986 they set about ending the Cold War, and it is not open to the public because it is still used for the local business of Reykjavik. Holidaymakers should always take a look; however, a millionaire from Japan thought it so pretty that he had a copy of it made for his use.

City Hall

If you enjoy the atmosphere of official buildings, the City Hall is worth a visit too. You can access this building all week and make use of the cafe and see the art exhibitions. The City Hall, where the Mayor of Reykjavik does his nine to five, is set on the edge of Lake Tjornin and is another example of impressive architecture. The water seems to rise to meet the glass walls, as do the swans and ducks, which you can see paddling around the walkways and the curved modern building. One of the halls contains a map worth looking at as you begin your holidays: 

Iceland and Reykjavik modeled on a large scale so you can walk around it and give yourself a sense of the island’s shape. If you like the City Hall’s glassy and shiny design, you might do well to choose the 4th Floor Hotel from the Reykjavik hotels available. It has a similar contemporary feel with the modern style interior.

Mount Esja

But it would be best if you didn’t spend too much time inside on your holiday in Reykjavik. Indeed a city break to Reykjavik need not be restricted to the urban areas. Mount Esja hangs in the distance across the water. Since the city has relatively few tall buildings, the mountain imposes itself on the horizon. Mount Esja is a popular place to walk, and the routes are forgiving in terms of difficulty, rewarding hikers with amazing views of the countryside.

The Laugardalur Valley

The Laugardalur Valley, where the city keeps its sports fields and stadium, zoo, and botanical gardens, is another place to take in nature while on your city break to Reykjavik. A popular feature is the outdoor hot spring pool where you can swim throughout the seasons in the comfort of naturally heated water. The Reykjavik Art Museum is located here, another idiosyncratic construction of minimalist white domes, blocks, and sloped walls.

No matter which of the quality Reykjavik hotels you choose, there will be dramatic scenery to see. Make sure to spend your time taking a walk in the city to soak up the local character and culture on your Reykjavik and Iceland holidays.