How Virtual Staging Can Help With Property Sales

Imagine the perfect home. The place is in an ideal location in a great neighbourhood close to great schools and other amenities. There is a garden; a dog park down the street and everyone around seems to be friendly and welcoming.

All of the rooms in the home are spacious and there is plenty of natural light. There is only one issue. There is nothing in it. The place is very empty. It should not be surprising that new owners are not usually drawn to empty homes because it is sometimes hard to imagine what it would look like while occupied.

There is a simple solution to this: virtual staging. Using modern visualisation technology can help you add decor, furniture and other housewares to photos. if this is done properly, the viewers will have no idea that this is not the way that the place actually looks. Fourwalls is somewhere to give you ideas and concepts for your future sales.

Why should you use this method of staging instead of doing things the traditional way?

It is a Cheaper Alternative and It Works Just as Well.

Were you aware that it could cost around £1,000 when you are physically staging a home? It can be even more expensive than that when the property in question is large and luxurious. It will take lots of furniture in order to make it appear that someone actually lives there. When using virtual staging techniques, you can choose all of the premium items you want and they will fit perfectly, and you will not have to worry about the cost.

Great Photos Are Essential When You Are Trying to Attract New Buyers.

Looking at a floor plan is fine, but photos will really give people a good idea of how their possessions will fit into a property. Empty rooms are not a good way for people to gauge how well a space will suit their needs. Adding virtual furnishings can give people a good idea of whether the room size is ideal for the items they own.

It is Also Less Disruptive to the People Who Own the Place.

There are some sales that need handled in a sensitive manner, like those involving probate sales and divorces. In these cases, everything may have already been taken from the home since a quick sale is the goal. Instead of bothering clients with scheduling photo shoots, look at the floor plans and other things that have to do with staging, everything can all be done at one time.

It is Possible to Get Rid of Any Decor That Does Not Seem to Suit the Place.

The reality is that not everyone has the same taste and what one person may find stylish; someone else will have a serious problem with. When properties are very old and all of the carpets, wallpaper and other decor are severely dated and garish, to say the least, virtual staging can make things look great in no time.

It Can Also Make Unfinished New Build Properties Look Like They Have Been Completed.

One of the most challenging things about constructing homes is making sure that things are completed on time and they stay within the predetermined budget.

Developers often have delays that can push back the completion date, which means the sale date is pushed back. If a place is incomplete, there is no way that you can take pictures of it and use this in marketing materials.

By using virtual staging, you can make an unfinished home look like it is complete and ready to be lived in. With a few changes, things like flooring, kitchen finishes and plumbing can be added to photos to make the place look perfect.