September 27, 2022


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How Plus Size Women Can Enjoy Great Confidence with Shapewear

Shapewear is not only mean to control the appearance of women who might be larger than the average as pictured in the media. It provides confidence to those who wear the clothing. Even movie stars and those in the public eye use shapewear, from Elle Courbee as well as other brands. But the question still remains – that is the best shapewear for those plus-sized women who want to shine with style – and confidence?

Getting to Grips with Shapewear

Why do so many women fall in love with shapewear? The answer is because it can transform their lives. It makes it far easier to get that look that fits in with confidence and mood. It requires that the individual makes an active decision to remake themselves – and that decision doe not have to be complex. Shapewear means that the individual can choose a look that suits their personality – and the occasion. So what does shapewear offer that can make any woman into a chameleon of the social occasion?

Your Waist

The waist is often the focus of attention for many women. It separates the body into portions that draw the eye. This is especially obvious in plus-sized women. Shapewear allows these women to enjoy a smooth tummy and an attractive waistline. And at the same time providing back support. The high panty girdle is ideal for keeping that middle part of the body looking great. The lightweight lycra is a far better option than traditional ‘bone’ type wight control wear. Shapewear acts to control and lift the bottom and keep tummies looking great. It makes curves that much more alluring and provides confidence, as well as shape.


The 21st-century look is all about curves. You can see them in architecture and on the walkways of fashion shows across the world. Shapewear is a foundation for providing those curves to plus-sized women. It serves to support the bust, lift the bottom and it leads to a firmer appearance for the legs. A full shapewear suit can transform the body. But each individual is offered a choice. That choice can revolve around the shapewear material or whether or not an entire bodysuit is required – and the level of compression that is desirable. Be dramatic with a corset or soft with an underwired cami – the choice is up to the individual.

Slim Down

If your needs are for that daily comfort and elegant lines then shapewear has something to offer. Shapewear can provide a wonderful natural look – and is comfortable to wear underneath even the most casual of outfits. Your jeans or work outfit will look better than ever before – and your comfort will be assured. Medium compression shapewear is perfect for all occasions.

Feel Secure

Sometimes a woman wants to simply feel comfortable and secure. That shape and those curves are all very well, but a silhouette can be secondary. Choose a shapewear style to fit into your lifestyle – make sure it is simply comfortable. If you want that extra bit of security choose an item that hangs comfortably from the shoulders. A shaping slip or bodysuit is ideal. Those shoulder straps give you that extra bit of confidence.

Size Matters

Whatever your choice of shapewear make sure that it fits right. Be honest with yourself. Buying that piece that is a size too small will just result in discomfort and a bruised ego.