September 27, 2022


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Do You Wear Socks with Dive Boots

Wearing water socks while diving underwater makes you feel comfortable. They also provide a significant amount of insulation. As all water socks are not good enough, a low-quality pair of water socks may rip off after the first use. 

Preventing heat loss underwater should get the most priority. Although there are plenty of thermal products to do that, one such piece of equipment you need to consider is a good quality pair of water socks made of neoprene material. 

Sometimes, only choosing the best dive boots is not enough for you. You need to wear a pair of socks so that water cannot seep inside your boots. Can they be worn together while diving? We hope you will get the answer below. 

What are Dive Socks?

You might get overwhelmed to hear that water socks look like your regular socks. But, the main difference is ordinary socks made from cotton, while water socks are usually made from neoprene or lycra. 

Water socks often called them the dive socks, come in several heights, such as ankle-high and high-tops. Some of them come with adjustable ankle cuffs to fit and hold your socks on your feet. 

Aside from that, many watersport activists wear these socks, including snorkelers, divers, kayakers, boaters, walkers, and more. They use socks to protect your feet from rubbing of water boots. 

When submerged underwater, water socks work incredibly well, offer you the grip and protection to your feet. You require them when you have to walk on the rocky shore in and out of the water. 

Is It Necessary To Wear Socks With Dive Boots?

It’s not mandatory to wear dive boots together with the water socks. But, wearing a pair of socks along with the dive boots is always a good idea. They can increase the warmth of your body and offer protection against a lot of difficulties underwater. Besides wearing them with your dive boots, you can use them with your dive and snorkeling fins. 

Benefits of Wearing Socks with Dive Boots

Water will seep inside your dive boots and get your socks wet. Does this mean you won’t wear socks? Instead, many people find water socks much more comfortable inside dive boots. 

As almost all dive boots are made of neoprene, they can rub your feet and create blisters if you stay in the water for long. It can also happen when you’re taking part in an energetic water sport. 

If you wear socks with your dive boots, they will help you prevent rubbing, especially around the heels and toes of your feet. They will also provide you with an extra layer of warmth when you’re in cold water. 


Many professional and occasional divers wear socks underneath dive boots. If you use a pair of neoprene socks with dive boots like them, they will keep your feet warm on the water. 

So, you can use water socks with your dive boots. In the end, remember that the more you wear footwear, the more you get protection from a variety of dangers underwater.