September 27, 2022


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Booking a full travel package versus arranging flight and accommodation at the destination

There are several options that we are often confronted with when we want to travel. In some cases, few of the options might already be decided such as where we are to travel to if it is a business trip. However, in most other cases such as when we are going on vacation, we are often expected to make the choice of where we want to travel to, which companies to patronize, where to stay, what to do and how long will the trip last among others. We will also have to decide if we should book a full travel package or if we should arrange a flight and accommodation at the destination. This article will discuss some factors that should influence your choice.

When you book for full holiday packages before the trip as opposed to making arrangements after you get to your destination, you will be paying less for the same services. This is majorly due to 2 reasons. First, most times, the prices for hotel and flight bookings are always significantly lesser when they are booked between 3 days and 1 month before the trip compared to if they were made at the last minute. Thus, if you are on a budget or interested in ways that you can save money on your trip, paying much earlier is likely to guarantee you a cheaper price than when you pay a few hours to when you need the service. Secondly, when you are also paying for full packages, you will be paying for everything in one place and chances are that you will qualify for a discount based on the amount you are paying. However, if you make your arrangements separately, when you will be spending on each travel activity might not be enough to earn you a discount or the percentage will be much lesser than when you pay at once. There are also cheap travel packages that you can take advantage of that will cover for most of your expenses during your trip including flight, accommodation, and other activities you are interested in.

Booking before your journey will make it easier to get space in the hotel or flight of your choice. This is compared to instances where you might want to make the arrangements at the last minute. The implication is that you could get to your intended accommodation only to learn that it has been fully booked. You could instantly become destabilised and start looking for alternatives. However, if you have made an earlier booking, there is a higher chance that there will be a free room. Even if there was none, you will have more time to look for alternatives such that you can go straight to the accommodation and be sure that you will be shown to your room irrespective of if all the other rooms have been booked out or not. However, you should use the services of reliable flight providers when booking flights so that you can be sure that you would not have issues when it is time for your trip.

Change in plans
One of the few instances when paying at the last minute come in handy is that should you have to suddenly change plans at the last minute, you will not be bothered about rescheduling your arrangements. This is considering that rescheduling the arrangements can sometimes come at a fee. Hence, if for any reason you have to change your plans even at the last minute, you wouldn’t have made any commitment to any company. Furthermore, you can finally check where the services you are interested in are available when you are ready and make payments for them.

Overall, it is always best to plan, be sure that you will be able to make the trip and then make plans in advance by buying travel packages. Even if for other reasons, you have to move the trip forward, there is always the option of rescheduling. There are some companies that will reschedule your trip at no extra cost especially when you request for the rescheduling at least 48 hours before the trip is to start. This will give them enough time to sell the package to someone else. Hence, they could get the full value or even more, making it easier to absolve you of any fees.