September 26, 2022


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7 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in the United States

The US is full of amazing tourist attractions. Tourists flock over, eager to partake of the fun and experiences they are promised. Citizens, likewise, aren’t left out. They too flock to such places seeking also to enjoy themselves.  

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The US has tourists attractions that cater to everyone. Families have an array of family-friendly sites that will accommodate them all. Gamblers can knock themselves out in Las Vegas and summer-loving folks can hit the beaches of Florida for a soak in the summer sun. To review budget travel agencies that have a deep knowledge of all tourists attractions in the US, go online. 

Now, let’s see the best of all tourists attractions in the US.

1. The White House

Located in Washington DC and home to the presidents of the US, it should be on your list. Tours are booked 3-4 weeks in advance or even longer and under strict security guidelines. Visitors can learn about past presidents and some American cultures.

2. Las Vegas

Blooming with world-class hotels and resorts for everyone, you can never have a dull moment in Las Vegas. Enjoy world-class performances from A-list musicians, magic shows, comedies, acrobatics, food, rides, and more. The casinos are famous for their structure and shows and also for gambling. 

3. Walt Disney World Resort

Home to many uniquely crafted theme parks will touch all children and even adults. Enjoy thrilling rides around the park, watch Broadway shows on the many theaters there, explore the colorful nightlife as you dive into the mouth-watering cuisine. You can shop as much as you want to and feel free to immerse yourself in the ambiance of the cool Disney Springs.

4. Times Square 

Lying in the heart of Midtown Manhattan and home to flashing billboards, Times Square is an interesting place to see in the US. At night, the sight is electrifying and beautiful as the flashing billboards light up the whole place. Just stand in the massive thronging crowd and drink in as much as you want of this spectacle. If you visit before New Year’s Eve, you can join the countless thousands on the street as they count down to the New Year.

5. Statue of Liberty

The largest in the world and a symbol of freedom. Visitors have access to all parts of the statue at different levels. From the ground to the crown, visitors can explore every part of it.

6. New Orleans

Rich in French history marking the architecture, food, and lifestyle of the people. Hit Bourbon street and experience the vibrant nightlife boasting of music, drama, dance, parades, and more. Enjoy the view of the Mississippi River and the St. Louis Cathedral.

7. Niagara Falls

Cut between the US and Canadian border is a mighty spectacle to behold on a tour of the US. One of the world’s famous waterfalls. Its scenic view during winter when the snow forms a white blanket over vegetation, street signs, and railings, is something to marvel at. During summer, visitors can freely move around, enjoy the warm weather and see nature blooming.

These tourist attractions are popular because of the feeling they evoke in people when they behold them. There is also the educational and historic and entertainment part to them too. You would do yourself good if you visit them when you plan to visit the US.