5 Best Reasons To Enjoy Vacations In Reno


There are numerous considerations that contribute to the enormously growing tourism fame in Reno. You can get a motel in Reno of every category, be it with economical facilities or with luxurious amenities. Just to name a few, natural beauty and year-round recreation opportunities are some of the top reasons that people from all across the globe come to experience here in Reno. Let us explore them here in more detail.

  1. Lake Tahoe

Reno is just 45 minutes from Lake Tahoe, which is North America’s largest alpine lake. Hyped as the most stunning lakes across the globe, its extravagant appeal exerts a pull on global tourists. This river runs through Downtown Reno and is a prominent spot for kayakers, sunbathers, and fishermen.

  1. Food & Entertainment

The city is a self-proclaimed place for foodies and home to a huge variety of local coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, and much more. This is also known as a city that never sleeps and a 24-hour city that has got a vibrant bar scene, which is simply worth mentioning. If you’re thinking about visiting Reno and in search of experiencing a lavish stay in a boutique Downtown Reno motel in the heart of midtown Kramer’s Midtown would always be a perfect choice. Also, it is very near to all of the action in the city.

You can explore the best of dining options and entertainment the city has to offer while staying in this lavish hotel. Everything is located within walking distance.

  1. Year-Round Events

Regardless of time of the year you’re scheduling to visit the city, Reno is known for year-round fun for every age group with abundant family-friendly activities, events, museums, and parks. You simply can’t miss visiting Discovery Museum and Pioneer Center besides staying in a luxury Reno NV hotel.

  1. Recreation

Reno is acknowledged as an outdoor lover’s square. From desert nights to lake days, you get an opportunity to take pleasure in camping, horseback riding, climbing, golfing, boating, paddle boarding, snowboarding, and hiking. The propinquity of the city to deserts, mountains, rivers, and lakes makes it a hot-spot for adventure, particularly for global tourists. Reno is what you’ll fall in love with if you’re also among the thrill seekers and privacy chasers.

  1. World-Renowned Ski Resorts

Reno is commonly branded to boast the uppermost concentration of top-notch ski resorts in the nation and is situated centrally to as much as twenty ski resorts just in the Tahoe region. One of the most popular is Mt. Rose. It only takes an hour and a half to reach from the city. Kramer’s Midtown offers a luxury room for rent in Reno if you are in search of a comfortable place to stay in close proximity. Reno is known to providing immeasurable options to stay when it comes to hitting the slopes, no matter you are an unparalleled enthusiast or a novice.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a luxury room in Kramer’s Midtown and explore the best of Reno!