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Do you yearn to reconnect with the wilderness, develop practical survival skills, and build a supportive community of like-minded individuals? Look no further than the FK! We are a passionate group dedicated to exploring the art and science of bushcraft, fostering a deep appreciation for the natural world.

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The allure of bushcraft – the art and science of thriving in the wilderness – is undeniable. It fosters self-reliance, a deep appreciation for nature, and the development of practical skills. But for newcomers, navigating the world of bushcraft communities can feel daunting.


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Live Events

Sharpen your skills and connect with fellow enthusiasts at our hands-on bushcraft workshops.

Upcoming Workshop

Advanced Shelter

Conquering the basics of firecraft and shelter building is an essential first step in the bushcraft journey. But what if you crave a deeper exploration of the art of creating a comfortable and secure refuge in the wild? At the FK, we offer a gateway to Advanced Shelter Techniques, pushing your skills and resilience to the next level.



August 23, 2025




9am - 3pm

Embrace the Wild Within:


Master the art of starting and maintaining a fire, a crucial element for survival and comfort.

Shelter Building

Learn to construct basic shelters from natural materials, providing protection from the elements.


Discover the edible plants and resources nature has to offer, expanding your knowledge of wild foods.

Tracking & Wilderness Navigation

Develop the skills to navigate by the stars and natural features, becoming more self-sufficient in the wilderness.

Respectful Living

Learn how to minimize your impact on the environment and become a responsible steward of the natural world.

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